Brief Beauty

As I look out of my window at the Tulip tree, one week before Spring, I am both thankful and, a little regretful that the blooms are already covering the lawn with a beautiful carpet of white and pink. It seems as though they began to bloom, in full, a day ago. Our thrill of their heart-pleasing beauty comes less than once a year (some years a late frost prematurely wipes out the blooms). In God’s world – the one…

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Arriving at the Final Concept – A Case Study

There is no “typical” design process with our clients. Sometimes they know exactly what they want down to the finishes.  Sometimes they have no idea, other than knowing that they want us to help them get there.  Sometimes they like the “feel” of something they saw on a blog, in a magazine, or on Pinterest, but can’t put their finger on it. Using a recent project, we’re going to give a peek into a not-unusual dialogue. A church in Fredericksburg…

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Making Home Automation LOOK as interesting as it is

Home automation.  A quiet HVAC system.  Consistent temperatures.  Not the most exciting subject matter at first listen, right? That’s what our client wanted to get people interested in. Add to the mix the fact that the permanent home of the display would be in a high-end kitchen and bath gallery. Could we 1) draw people in, 2) educate on the subject matter, and 3) avoid looking out of place in a sleek showroom? We decided to snag interest through the…

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