Design Insights

Regressing Into a Smaller World

I recently watched a documentary of a well-known designer who had grown old and neared the end of his life (he has passed away since I began writing this).  From what I know of him, he worked for some of the world’s most influential companies and individuals as he became  (in the design world) a household name.  He developed his personal brand with a certain star-designer look (normally involves over-achieving hair or striking eyeglasses) that made him and his work stand…

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Lessons From the Color Spectrum

In Noah’s time, just after the earth-destroying flood, the rainbow is conspicuously present as God promises Noah and his family grace in the place of judgement.  The rainbow is also on display when the Apostle John first looks in on the great scene of worship around God’s throne in the Revelation. Why the rainbow? The rainbow teaches us many things about God’s creation. It is also a striking visual declaration of the omnipotence of our Creator. We see the beauty of Jesus in…

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Design Below The Surface

Just like the unseen beauty and unseen details of the desert or ocean are to the casual observer, God’s work in our lives and in the details of our world are often unnoticed or unappreciated. Observing, from an encumbered point of view, across the rolling desert, it is easy to miss the washes, canyons and vegetation that are normally hidden within them. Walking among the trees and cacti, usually hidden below the horizon, one can appreciate their beauty and just how…

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