Role Models

Regressing Into a Smaller World

I recently watched a documentary of a well-known designer who had grown old and neared the end of his life (he has passed away since I began writing this).  From what I know of him, he worked for some of the world’s most influential companies and individuals as he became  (in the design world) a household name.  He developed his personal brand with a certain star-designer look (normally involves over-achieving hair or striking eyeglasses) that made him and his work stand…

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Exceptional Circumstances

It occurs to me that most of the people we consider exceptional did not consider themselves so. In the scriptures we read of Esther, Abraham, Peter and others who played monumental roles in saving their people, fathering nations, leading the Church. The letters they wrote, the decisions they made, the work they did, for the most part, were a series of daily challenges. Their interactions with people were much like ours. Their choices to believe what was unseen, unsafe, yet…

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