exhibits & events

we apply the entire spectrum of our services to corporate events, conferences, galas, concerts, fundraisers, mobile events, on-air events, inaugurations, guerrilla marketing, etc. we partner with show producers and event planners, and can jump in with our expertise at any point in the design/fabrication/logistics/show management progression.

with exhibit design, the focus is clean, innovative design that attracts. operating from a “less is more” mantra, we try to avoid the visual assault typical of a crowded exhibit hall. the goal is to condense the many messages of an organization down to a few key, easily representative points that translate into the design, branding and collaterals of the exhibit. interactive kiosks, theaters, games, and touchscreens contain the deeper content and contribute to this consistent, message-driven focus.

our exhibit designs have been featured in most major conference centers around the United States.