How does life move forward when humanity cannot
When losses mount and intentions fail – over and over and over
Love falters, desire lacks substance,
One step forward, 2 steps back

Generations fade, each blaming another
Each uniquely incapable at turning the tide
Glittering flourishes lacking substance to build what is meaningful ,
To build what is not torn down by the next

We stumble through rubble
Injured and injuring
Lost and losing
Bearing God’s image, blooming amid our ruins

Our Renaissance followed by our 30 years War
Our printing press followed by our burnings
It is within us to rise and bloom
It is within us to despise those who do
It is within us to fade away quickly
Under the weight of our given beauty

A play beyond us plays
We are, in our spinning, a story in a Story
Broken, but lost only by our own losing
Unable to find ourselves, but not unfound

The Universe expands from nothing
And carries us with it, but we refuse its grandeur, its shouts of joy
We only see the falling pedals and the dust around us

But no more can we disrupt the Play than we can halt the stars
Exploding and reforming on a stage of glorious fury and beauty
As into nothing we were born, into our failing flesh God took form

Another universe expands, explodes within our own
Unbroken power made small and great
The curse undone by Love unknown, unforeseen
The sinking death is swallowed whole
The stars are cast and called by name

They sing for joy the primal words
That send them on their splendid tasks