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What we can offer you

creative design concepts

design charrettes, sketches, renderings, master plans, look-books, technical drawings, and everything in-between

management and deployment

our network of contractors has been refined over 20+ years. we can refer OR manage the project from concept to final installation.

Meet our team

bobbie varner

accounting director

Bobbie maintains financial, accounting, administrative, and personnel services. In her words (we didn’t make this up), she “believes in supporting everyone’s efforts to achieve a level second to none.” (more…)

natalie schaubach

communications coordinator

Natalie helps to guide the communication strategy at Brian R Scott Design. She makes sure people are in the know about who we are and what good work we do. She plans, designs, and implements media pieces, supports the design/build of projects, guides our branding, and maintains databases. Many of our design charrettes feature her input. (more…)

katherine nash

design coordinator

Katherine has a multifaceted job managing ongoing projects. She liaises with clients and keeps the design process going internally. The day or week could find her specifying materials, brainstorming design concepts, doing administrative work, 3d modeling & floor plans, and many varied tasks. (more…)

brian r scott

Lead Designer

Brian Scott is an award-winning designer with over 25 years of experience in the design market. His expertise includes interactive designs for television broadcast, corporate events and exhibits, and church facilities. In earlier years he worked as both a carpenter and a construction manager, which add depth of understanding to his design work. (more…)

our team designs.

for 27 years, our team has designed broadcast sets and set pieces. we facilitate the needs of broadcast producers for news, sports, talk, educational and press briefing sets. technology integration and programming have become centerpieces of our set designs, and help stations deliver the news in cutting-edge fashion. Our work has ranged from cost effective problem-solving for local shows, to national sets for NBC and the House of Representatives.

our team designs for exhibits and events. we apply the entire spectrum of our services to corporate events, conferences, galas, concerts, fundraisers, mobile events, on-air events, inaugurations, guerrilla marketing, etc. we partner with show producers and event planners, and can jump in at any point in the design/fabrication/logistics/show management progression. the often rigorous demands of a live event schedule are very familiar to us.

our team designs worship, fellowship and learning environments. he has worked in sanctuary design, classrooms, youth areas, lobbies, check-in areas, worship and performance venues, situation rooms,transitional areas / hallways, and church office / workspace design.  from the fine details of church interior design to the nuts-and-bolts of building plans and technical drawings, we can jump in on any phase of your project.  we are able to both spearhead the entire effort, or work happily with any contractors and committees that you already have in place.  we often start by generating a conceptual design of a sanctuary or classroom space to inspire the members of the church to get behind the new look.

our team designs for facilities.  from a lobby fitted with custom desks, kiosks and scenic elements, to a 4,000 seat auditorium boasting the latest technological advancements; we make your facility sing. the design goal for facilities mirrors that of our other service areas: it must be an extension of who you are. We can help create an environment that reflects the personality of your organization.


in no particular order, here is a random representation of the design work we’ve specialized in:

– Conceptual designs to kick off building projects

– Broadcast set design

– Stage element design for conferences and events

– Sanctuary design

– Youth ministry areas

– Lobby design

– Check-in kiosks and desks

– Fellowship and coffeehouse areas

– Signage and wayfinding

– Classroom and breakout areas

– Large-format digital displays

– Preparing satellite campus stages for broadcast

– Management of build, installation

– Facility Master Plans

– Custom anchor and lobby desks